Year: 2019

My thoughts and dreams in one place


My girlfriend found an amazing site –, a distant studies site with lots and lots of courses. So now I am studying a whole bunch of things 🙂 Instead of just sitting and coding for the fun of it, I decided to learn more. So now I am looking through the list of all…
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At a career crossroad…

I’m trying to decide if I should teach coding or word with coding…

Two years with Fitbit

I’ve used a Fitbit surge for three years and now as I look back, it was really a waste of money. At the moment it felt like a great idea, to measure my running, walking and sleep. For that it worked pretty well. I do use it measure my walking and jogging, true, but most…
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At the moment I am having some problems with the theme… The previous theme (beonepage-lite) had some problems displaying some information, so I updated it to the latest version and from there it went to hell. So I I’m working on it, trying to find a better theme.


It’s pretty simple 522-1-2=10*2-3 = 20-3 = 17 right? Well no. For some people reading a descriptive text of the calculation makes everything a blur. Writing the math calculations in words made actually easier to understand. So that is how my project came to life.

Android Pie on Galaxy S7

I did find a really awesome rom for my S7. BlackDiamond – PIE is Full port of the Galaxy NFE Running Android PIE 9.0.0 With the full SamsungExperience ONE UI. Pretty amazing. So I tried it on my S7 and it works really smooth and nice. Yay!


My plan for my github account is simple. I will publish some of my experimental code but mostly I will use it to publish code I wrote for my students when I was teaching C#. So keep an eye on my account, as I have a lot to post 🙂


I created TopWinPrio in the time when I was using LunaWorX as my main site. But since I decided to drop LunaWorX (due to way too many copycats using the same name), I decided to publish the source code. You can now find TopWinPrio version 1.0 source code on my Github account and you can…
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In expectation of Penny Dreadful – City of angels

Maybe next year we will get to see a new Penny Dreadful series. The first series was awesome, it kind of ended “with a kiss”. I wonder what will come of the Santa Muerte story… Mexico I suppose. Will the immortals return? Dorian, Lily, Mr Clare,

S7 Roms and battery issues

Testing different Android roms ended up causing battery isssues. Reverting to stock Galaxy Rom fixed it though.