Month: January 2019

My thoughts and dreams in one place

In expectation of Penny Dreadful – City of angels

Maybe next year we will get to see a new Penny Dreadful series. The first series was awesome, it kind of ended “with a kiss”. I wonder what will come of the Santa Muerte story… Mexico I suppose. Will the immortals return? Dorian, Lily, Mr Clare,

S7 Roms and battery issues

Testing different Android roms ended up causing battery isssues. Reverting to stock Galaxy Rom fixed it though.

Fractals and Africa

So the binary system and fractal math comes originated Africa. Who knew… This is mind-blowing You can find it at: or on Youtube

Song of the day

This song has been playing in my mind lately… I like it anyhow. “Memento mori” is “remember you are mortal”. It is a good reminder to live every day as it was the last day alive. Do the best of the day, express your feelings, do what you dream of. Do what makes you happy.…
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Welcome to my world

So here it is, my new webpage. Now you are wondering why this page is in English and not in Swedish. Well, since most of the people who visit my site are not from Sweden, I prefer to keep it in English. A long time ago I created to publish my projects there. It…
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