Android Pie on Galaxy S7

I did find a really awesome rom for my S7. BlackDiamond – PIE is Full port of the Galaxy NFE Running Android PIE 9.0.0 With the full SamsungExperiene ONE UI. Pretty amazing. So I tried it on my S7 and it works really smooth and nice. Yay! 1 total views, no views today

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My plan for my github account is simple. I will publish some of my experimental code but mostly I will use it to publish code I wrote for my students when I was teaching C#. So keep an eye on my account, as I have a lot to post 🙂 5 total views, 1 views today

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I created TopWinPrio in the time when I was using LunaWorX as my main site. But since I decided to drop LunaWorX (due to way too many copycats using the same name), I decided to publish the source code. You can now find TopWinPrio version 1.0 source code on my Github account and you can Download the original executable from …

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