S7 Roms and battery issues

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S7 Roms and battery issues

Since Samsung decided not to give Galaxy S7 Edge android 9, I decided to give it a try anyway.

So I downloaded LineageOS 16.0 for hero2lte and TWRP and installed it on my phone.

I was pretty amazed, it worked fast, and it had some really neat new features. Even though I missed the Samsung GUI and their nifty little addons to Android, I liked the clean Pixel feeling. Except the camera, it didn’t feel as good as the Samsung Camera I was used to.

But soon enough the problems started. Version 16.0 has some problems with the graphics, and I noticed it when playing games. That I can live with, but I noticed also problems with my battery time. It was bad. Being used to only need to charge the one once a day I now had to charge it every other hour. What was worse, regardless of the time connected, it only charged to max 70%.

Since the phone became mainly useless I decided to crawl back to Android 8.1 using LineageOS 15 instead. Downloaded it, installed it and gave it a try. I got the same problems. Short battery time and charging issues. Besides that, the phone worked fine with the games so I was happy.

After a couple of weeks with battery issues I decided to buy a new battery for my Galaxy S7 Edge. But before I decided to send my phone away for repairs, I got the marvellous idea of doing one last try.

I downloaded a stock based rom, Glamour Rom. It’s Stock based rom with some extra addons.

I must admit it was an amazing feeling to see the Samsung GUI once again. I wonder why I ever wanted to change it. I really love that GUI. I installed my standard apps and set the phone on the charger. After a while the charging went up to 80% and later to 90. About then it was way too late, so I shut down the phone for the night.

Next day I installed Buzz Launcher and did some configuration on it. I like Buzz launcher because it gives me the option to have different wallpapers for each home screen without using a live wallpaper. I have one wallpaper per app topics. One for financial applications, one for communications and so on. After two hours messing with the phone I realized the battery was down to 70%. I put the phone on the wireless charger and after an hour it was charged to 100%. That’s quite amazing! I’m happy! Yay!

I don’t really know what was missing on the Pixel roms I downloaded, but whatever it was it caused the battery to charge at max 70% and the battery time to drop like a base jumper with a faulty parachute.

Anyhow, I’m back to a stock Samsung rom, with Android 8.0 but I’m quite happy with it, it works as great as it did the first day when I got my S7 Edge.

Somehow, I now understand why S7 won’t get Pie update, I guess there is something with the hardware that do not match. But it doesn’t matter, the day I find a phone (probably Samsung) that is powerful enough to make me feel like it’s time to scrap my Galaxy S7, I will buy it and by then maybe we’re on Android 10. I guess I could go back to the original firmware from Samsung, but what’s the fun in that? 😉

I wonder what Android Q will be called? Quesadilla maybe? 😀 It’s not candy but it sure is yummy!

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