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Song of the day

This song has been playing in my mind lately… I like it anyhow.

Memento Mori

“Memento mori” is “remember you are mortal”. It is a good reminder to live every day as it was the last day alive. Do the best of the day, express your feelings, do what you dream of. Do what makes you happy. If the job sucks, get a new job until you find a job you love.

I wasted five months of my life working for a company that only gave me depression and anxiety due to bullying and ostracism. I should have quit after the two first weeks, but I didn’t. It’s not my problem they are a-holes, but it is my fault I didn’t quit earlier.

But I grew wiser and now I know I should quit as soon as I notice bullying and department heads who shut their eyes.

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