Welcome to my world

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Welcome to my world

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So here it is, my new webpage.

Now you are wondering why this page is in English and not in Swedish. Well, since most of the people who visit my site are not from Sweden, I prefer to keep it in English.

A long time ago I created LunaWorx.net to publish my projects there. It worked fine but with time a lot of other people started using LunaWorX as their own name for their own projects. Kind of pathetic, but what to do…

So I killed off LunaWorX.net and now I use my name as my brand.

Where does it leave me now, well, to begin with I’ll move over all my projects from the LunaWorX domain to MarcusMedina.Pro. That’s not the hard part, the toughest part is to change all my logins where I used LunaWorX email to MarcusMedinaPro… ay caramba!… that will take time.

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