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Today I learned a new word, dyscalculia.

I ran into it when writing a better ReadMe file for my TypedMath Nuget.

I had that problem in school. I have no problems with math, but as soon as there is a lot of text explaining the calculation, everything became a blur.

James has five apples and he splits them in halves, then he splits the halves in half. His cat steals one slice and his little sister takes two. How many apple slices has he got left?

It’s pretty simple 522-1-2=10*2-3 = 20-3 = 17 right? Well no. For some people reading a descriptive text of the calculation makes everything a blur. Writing the math calculations in words made actually easier to understand. So that is how my project came to life.

 var slices = 5 * 2 * 2 - 1 - 2;

My project uses extensions, to make it easier to read and understand the calculations.

var slices = 5.MultipliedWith(2).MultipliedWith(2).Subtract(1).Subtract(2);

So there you have it, the background story of the TypedMath project.

The best part is that it makes it possible to write the code while reading the problem.

var apples = 5;
var half = 0.5;

var slices = apples.DividedBy(half).DividedBy(half);

var cat = 1;
var sister = 2;
slices = slices.Subtract(cat).Subtract(sister);

The code of this project is pretty simple. It’s a collection of extensions for the different types. You can find the code in my Github account.

I hope this project is to some use for someone out there…

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