Two years with Fitbit

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Two years with Fitbit

Fitibit Surge

I’ve used a Fitbit surge for three years and now as I look back, it was really a waste of money.

At the moment it felt like a great idea, to measure my running, walking and sleep. For that it worked pretty well. I do use it measure my walking and jogging, true, but most watches can do that.

First main that bothered me was the wrist band that can’t be exchanged. My discovered my wristband being torn about one month after the end of warranty (it did start breaking long before, but I didn’t notice) and the only thing the support could do was to offer me a discount on my next Fitbit I buy. I ordered a replacement from Aliexpress and fixed the band myself. The replacement band was of really poor quality and lost it’s colour after a week. The design of the Surge was moronic from start. What kind of an idiot makes a watch with a non – replaceable band?

Another thing that annoyed me a lot was the lack of cooperation with Google Fit and/or Samsung Health. So I had to buy other apps to keep it all synced. I ended up using my phone to keep track of my walking and running instead of the Fitbit.

A big issue is the cable too.It’s not good at all. It charges fast but the cable is not held steady on the Surge, which makes it drop connection every now and then.

Fitbit surge and the charger port

When it gets the connection back, it gives a small buzz. Now charging my Surge at the office and having it buzz at least once a minute was really distracting and annoying. The cable costs about $20 (+ shipping). It’s a simple USB charger, why not use standard cables instead? My cable stopped charging the Fitbit so I had to buy a new one.

The Sync was a real adventure. It didn’t work on Android, yes, the app does a lot of fun things, but it hangs when syncing. I tried it on different phones with the same result. I had to install the Windows version to make it work. The support told me to press the reset buttons on the Surge to reboot and then it would sync to the Android. It worked most of the times, but it’s pathetic to have to reset the watch every time I want to Sync.

I won’t ever buy another Fitbit, I did consider a Pebble but unfortunately Fitbit bought them. A Samsung watch seems like the best option at the moment…

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