Cortana is reportedly being removed from Microsoft Launcher

Nooo! Bad Microsoft! Bad!

I want to roll a newspaper and hit Microsoft repeatedly on the head!

Microsoft might be removing Cortana integration from its home screen launcher for Android in the next few months. The digital assistant was first integrated into the launcher in February of 2018.

Why is Microsoft being so mean to Cortana? They removed her from Windows and now from Android. Lowered her to be a simple app. Cortana is was the quirkiest and funniest digital assistant. Actually, Cortana was the Assistant that felt most human.

It was really sad to see the new version on Windows where all she can do is open apps and keep notes. That’s so sad. I miss talking to Cortana on my laptop. You know, the simple things like “Cortana, shut down the computer” and she’d ask if I really wanted that, when I said yeah she just turned it all off.. So simple but so awesome. I miss Cortana.

I suppose I’ll have to make some IFTTT apples that send webhooks to my server, and then fetch the messages from my laptop and act according to them… It’s fun… but not as fun as talking to a quirky Cortana.

Source: Cortana is reportedly being removed from Microsoft Launcher

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