Using Samsung Cloud

Working with customers I’ve realized that most people miss out the wonder of using Samsung Cloud. (No this is not a Samsung ad just because I work with Samsung at the moment)

So what can you do with Samsung Cloud

Like any other cloud service you can storage data in there. From start
Samsung offers you 15GB for free. My advice is to use it for everything
except photos. When it comes to photos I recommend Google Photos.

I wrote down some template mails that I send to customers when they need help setting up the settings for security and backup. The templates are a bit more elaborated and descriptive but more or less same content as the ones down here.

Make sure you use Samsung cloud and Google Cloud

1. On your phone, open Settings / Accounts and backup / Samsung Cloud
2. Login or create a new account
3. Done with Samsung, now on to Gmail
4. Open Settings / Accounts and backup / Backup and restore
5. Make sure that Backup my data and Automatic restore is activated
6. Make sure your gmail-address is selected on “Backup account”

Let’s Sync

1. On your phone, go to Settings / Accounts and backup / Samsung Cloud
2. Klick on the 3 dots to the right
3. Select Settings
4. Select Sync and Autobackup settings
5. Activate toggle there and give it the rights it wants
6. Press on “Auto backup” and activate everything here too
7. Now open Settings / Accounts and backup / Accounts
8. Click on your gmail address
9. Click on Sync Account and activate everything

Security and Damage control

1. On your phone, go to Settings / Biometrics and security / Find my
2. Activate everything

This doesn’t take too long, but if can save you a lot of tears.

Back it up! Force the phone to do an initial backup

1. Go to Settings / Accounts and backup / Backup and restore
2. Click Backup your data
3. Go back
4. Click on Google Account
5. Click Backup

Now you can get back your data if you accidentally delete an SMS
conversation, a photo or a document. You will also be able to lock/unlock
and backup your phone if you happen to lose it

But more about that another time


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