Testing Pixel Experience

My Galaxy S7 is getting a bit old and tired. The battery lasts about 6 hours. So I decided to do a test with a smaller Android rom.

I downloaded Pixel Experience and got ahead with the pre-reinstallation tasks before changing rom. I updated the backups on Samsung (just to be sure if) and the backup on Gmail. Then I wiped the phone and installed Pixel Experience through TWRP.

I ran into problems at start, two-factor-authentication-SMS messages didn’t get through during the installation so I couldn’t log in to Google. I had to skip it and proceed with the installation. When done I connected my phone to google. I thought it was going to trigger the download of the backup-but it didn’t. It just connected to Google.

I did a couple of tries removing the account and adding it again, clearing the storage for the Google apps… and at the brink of giving up I remembered the good-old-app Quick Shortcut Maker and downloaded it, I did some tests sending different intents to google apps and found finally com.google.apps.pixelmigrate.component.RestoreChoiceActivity. I called it and it triggered the login and backup function.

I wonder why that is not a menu option like in Samsung Cloud, where you can choose what to restore from the backup anytime you want. Or does Android have that possibility and I have just missed it?

Anyhow, I noticed a couple of things after finishing installing the rom and restoring from Google…

  1. Niantic games didn’t work (even though the rom is not rooted)… but then, Niantic has Root-paranoia (Ignorance leads to fear… Yeah Niantic! All Rooters don’t cheat, and spoofers don’t need root to cheatjust Google it! ).
  2. I miss Samsung Cloud backup and sync
  3. Battery lasts way longer using Pixel Experience when not having all the extras Samsung adds to the phone
  4. I Don’t miss Bixby
  5. But I do miss Samsung Routines (MacroDroid to the rescue!)
  6. The phone works wicked fast even though there are some apps running in the background
  7. It boots really fast!!!
  8. It has some issues with Shut-down, it resets instead of shutting down (still charging the phone + Vol Down and power solves that problem)

Considering all that… Chances are my next phone will be a Pixel or a phone with very little manufacturer modifications.

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