Android Studio Horror

While learning Flutter I decided to try out Android Studio, it felt like the normal thing to do. I am well aware that Android Studio does not have very good reputation concerning memory and CPU usage.

Android Studio BBQ

So this is how I solved it.

I started up Bluestacks and activated the setting for ADB and restarted the program.

then I simply started the server by opening a console window and typing as adb connect the program suggested.

adb connect localhost:5555 

If you don’t have ADB installed you need to download it from, unzip it somewhere nice and add that path to your environment variables / path, so you can find it easily.

Finally I started up Visual Studio Code and did the rest of the coding from there.

Android Studio is a great tool but for a machine like my Asus Rog i7, 16GB ram) it may be too heavy. I know, my laptop is a couple of years old, but still… it works for most things I do. I mean, I can play Quake Champions without any problems… but Andoid studio is just too much for my poor old Laptop. *sigh*

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