Are AI assistants getting dumber?

I use AI assistants a lot in my life, Google Assistant to help me keep track of my personal life and Siri to help me keep track of work related things. But lately my Google Assistant has gone totally stupid. Really, besides getting triggered by everything said when watching TV or listening to music, it doesn’t understand what I say and end up responding totally unrelated nonsense. Trying to get Siri to remind me of a meeting at 15:50 is hopeless too.

It’s not like I have big conversations with them, I just use them to set reminders and book appointments, tell me the daily agenda, and tell me about the weather. That’s all.

What has happened with the AIs?

In my humble opinion it all started when Google killed off the possibility to chat with the Assistant. Then last year, somewhere after summer the Google mini started to go nuts and understood mostly nothing and started responding unrelated nonsense. Siri has always been awesome to talk to, but now all of the sudden she has real trouble understanding simple commands.

Cortana is dead nowadays, she was an awesome help when working on Windows. I liked her!

My Google Assistant Mini is now disconnected and in a pile of other unused gadgets. It’s not that I don’t want it, it’s because it responds random stupidity and never ever does what it’s told to do.

So I end up using a normal calendar app to set reminders and calendar items, because the AIs can’t do simple things like that anymore. It’s sad when the developers neglect simple things and spend all their work on adding a lot of functionality that requires that the user buy more specific headsets, speakers, TVs and other stuff. But what’s the use when the assistant doesn’t understand what I say anymore?

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