Returning to C64 and Drakulas Slott

As a child I played a lot with my Commodore 64. It was a christmas gift I got from my brothers.

One of the games I really remember dearly was a Swedish Text-adventure called “Drakulas Slott”. It took me and my brother some time to solve it, and it was a thrilling experience. Thinking back to it I realize it was a pretty simple game, but still, the late nights, the summer winds making the trees scratch the windows… and a lot of fantasy made it somehow more thrilling, heck, even the cat got nervous once we found the coffin!

So I came to think of the game, and searched for it – it took a while I but found it and downloaded it from a website with C64 roms, and then I downloaded an emulator. But unfortunately the emulator was written for English C64 and the game was in Swedish.

So I decided to convert it from C64 basic to C#. C64 basic is pretty simple so it shouldn’t be a problem. One line at a time, and some special customized methods in C# to maintain the C64 feeling while still using C#.

The result is to be seen here: MarcusMedina/DrakulasSlott: A C# port of the old Swedish C64 game (

Unfortunately for all the English speaking people, this game is in Swedish.

The source code can be found here: DrakulasSlott.code.txt. I don’t know who wrote it, but it was a cool game and the author did an awesome job!

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