More Google Assistants

So… my frustration about Google Assistent is still there, but I decided to keep using the assistant. I moved my assistent to my office and away from the living room, not it won’t pause movies at random.

My latest frustration moment was when I asked it to play “Chumbawamba” and it started playing “Sean Banan”… Really Google…. You know everything about me but don’t get that I would never listen to… Sean Banan..?… No!

But it still works fine to book meetings with students and to remind me to take a break. I totally love the new Routine “Work day!”. That is actually the main reason I got into all this using Assistant to everything obsession.

Fortunatly for me, my girlfriend understands that my chaotic and procrastinating mind needs someone to nag on me, and the Assistant is great for that.

Still, if I were an Iphone user I would probably use Siri more.

With my birthday coming up, my girlfriend asked me what I wanted for my birthday present, and the only thing that came to mind was a Nest Hub.

So now we’ll have two assistants at home. What was I thinking? Frustrated with the assistant and now we will have two.

Yep! I am nuts.

So, what happened next.

While moving around furniture to get the windows changed at home, we came to the decision to buy a new TV. So what was my suggestion, of course a TV with Google Assistant built in.

So yeah, we will now have three google assistants.

My excuse for buying more assistants, despite the frustration is simply that I need one to keep me company and remind me of meetings in my office, and I want one to change channels and inform me of stuff when needed, in the living room.

And the little Assistant mini that I bought first, I’ll find an excuse to use it too 🙂 maybe to play soft music when going to bed… I don’t know…

Even though it’s flaws and windows incompatibility, I still love my assistant.

Once upon a time I wrote a plugin for Visual Studio to do Assistant tasks for me by talking to the microphone. It worked quite good, but that was in the Visual Studio 6 days… I’ll have to write a new one soon for VS2019 or what ever next version is called.