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At a career crossroad…

I’m trying to decide if I should teach coding or word with coding…

Two years with Fitbit

I’ve used a Fitbit surge for three years and now as I look back, it was really a waste of money. At the moment it felt like a great idea, to measure my running, walking and sleep. For that it worked pretty well. I do use it measure my walking and jogging, true, but most…
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At the moment I am having some problems with the theme… The previous theme (beonepage-lite) had some problems displaying some information, so I updated it to the latest version and from there it went to hell. So I I’m working on it, trying to find a better theme.


It’s pretty simple 522-1-2=10*2-3 = 20-3 = 17 right? Well no. For some people reading a descriptive text of the calculation makes everything a blur. Writing the math calculations in words made actually easier to understand. So that is how my project came to life.

Android Pie on Galaxy S7

I did find a really awesome rom for my S7. BlackDiamond – PIE is Full port of the Galaxy NFE Running Android PIE 9.0.0 With the full SamsungExperience ONE UI. Pretty amazing. So I tried it on my S7 and it works really smooth and nice. Yay!


My plan for my github account is simple. I will publish some of my experimental code but mostly I will use it to publish code I wrote for my students when I was teaching C#. So keep an eye on my account, as I have a lot to post 🙂


I created TopWinPrio in the time when I was using LunaWorX as my main site. But since I decided to drop LunaWorX (due to way too many copycats using the same name), I decided to publish the source code. You can now find TopWinPrio version 1.0 source code on my Github account and you can…
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In expectation of Penny Dreadful – City of angels

Maybe next year we will get to see a new Penny Dreadful series. The first series was awesome, it kind of ended “with a kiss”. I wonder what will come of the Santa Muerte story… Mexico I suppose. Will the immortals return? Dorian, Lily, Mr Clare,

S7 Roms and battery issues

Testing different Android roms ended up causing battery isssues. Reverting to stock Galaxy Rom fixed it though.

Fractals and Africa

So the binary system and fractal math comes originated Africa. Who knew… This is mind-blowing You can find it at: or on Youtube